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ReSharper Code Snippet for Dependency Properties

January 17th, 2008

This is a ReSharper code snippet I’ve been using quite a lot lately – it allows you to easily create a WPF dependency property along with event handlers, documentation, and initialization code. Here’s a sample:

#region MyStringProperty dependency property

/// <summary>
/// This is a sample string property.
/// </summary>
public static readonly DependencyProperty MyStringPropertyProperty;

//TODO: copy to static constructor
//register dependency property
//FrameworkPropertyMetadata md = new FrameworkPropertyMetadata("hello world", MyStringPropertyPropertyChanged);
//MyStringPropertyProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("MyStringProperty", typeof (string), typeof (MyControl), md);                                                      

/// <summary>
/// A property wrapper for the <see cref="MyStringPropertyProperty"/>
/// dependency property:<br/>
/// This is a sample string property.
/// </summary>
public string MyStringProperty
  get { return (string) GetValue(MyStringPropertyProperty); }
  set { SetValue(MyStringPropertyProperty, value); }

/// <summary>
/// Handles changes on the <see cref="MyStringPropertyProperty"/> dependency property. As
/// WPF internally uses the dependency property system and bypasses the
/// <see cref="MyStringProperty"/> property wrapper, updates should be handled here.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="d">The currently processed owner of the property.</param>
/// <param name="e">Provides information about the updated property.</param>
private static void MyStringPropertyPropertyChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
  MyControl owner = (MyControl) d;
  string newValue = (string) e.NewValue;

  //TODO provide implementation
  throw new NotImplementedException("Change event handler for dependency property MyStringProperty not implemented.");


Just import the attached snippet into ReSharper, then type dpp in Visual Studio to trigger the template.

BTW: If you’re using VS without ReSharper but need snippets for dependency properties, routed events or routed commands, Dr. WPF has the cure.

Download File: dpp-snippet.xml

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