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WPF TabControl transition effects with Transitionals

May 13th, 2008

Transitionals is a WPF framework that allows you to integrate nice transition effects into your WPF application with very little effort. It’s gone live a few days ago on CodePlex and definitely worth checking out:


I’ve downloaded the library today in order to incorporate a little eye candy into a prototype I’m doing. However, what I wanted to do was adding transition effects on a tab control, which is currently not supported out of the box by the framework:

Currently Transitionals ships with only two controls out of the box […]. Other controls, like a Tab control for example, could also be created. We encourage the community to come up with other common navigation and presentation scenarios that can leverage transitions.

This sounded like a lot of work, but luckily, it wasn’t: TabControl provides a ContentTemplate property which can be bound to a data template. This is were I put a TransitionElement control and bound it to the current content of the tab control:

<DataTemplate x:Key="TabTemplate">
  <t:TransitionElement Content="{Binding}">
    <!-- some more stuff -->

<!-- tab control with content template -->
<TabControl ContentTemplate="{StaticResource TabTemplate}" />


These bindings take care of everything – a tab switch changes the content of the TransitionElement, which triggers a transition animation. All that was left to do was configuring a transition effect and adding some content to the tab control. Here’s the complete listing that uses a 3D rotation effect:



    <!-- the data template binds the content to a transition element -->
    <DataTemplate x:Key="TabTemplate">
      <t:TransitionElement Content="{Binding}">
        <!-- rotate tab contents -->
          <trans:RotateTransition Duration="0:0:1.500"
                                  Angle="90" />


  <TabControl ContentTemplate="{StaticResource TabTemplate}">

    <TabItem Header="First">
      <!-- some content -->

    <TabItem Header="Second">
     <!-- some content -->




My sample contains two tabs which both display the same image. Accordingly, the code snippet above produces the following 3D effect when switching tabs:


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