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SLF Hands-on Tutorial, Part 1

December 2nd, 2009


This is an introductory tutorial on SLF, the Simple Logging Façade. This tutorial covers the basics, which will be all you’ll ever need in most projects. I’m planning on writing a second tutorial that will show custom factories and resolvers soon.

Downloading SLF

To get started, visit and download the latest release. Source code is available as a Visual Studio 2008 solution, but if you’re working with VS2005, there’s also precompiled binaries for .NET 2.0 available (.NET 1.0 or 1.1 is not supported).

Sample Projects

SLF comes with a lot of samples, all organized as independent projects that discuss a specific use case. As you will see, most scenarios only require a few lines of code. We are planning to extend this section over time, based on your feedback.




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An Introduction to SLF, the Simple Logging Façade

December 2nd, 2009


Release days are good days – Colin Eberhardt and I are very happy to announce SLF 1.0!

SLF is a framework with a simple but ambitious mission: To provide every developer with the means to easily plug in logging functionality into her application. As such, it aims at two fundamental goals:

  1. Simplicity: SLF allows you to plug in solid logging functionality into your application with literally one line of code, while providing you with an upgrade path to complex logging scenarios at any time.
  2. Flexibility: SLF provides you with a common interface that decouples the logging framework of your choice (e.g. log4net or NLog)  from your code. This eliminates dependencies on a given framework, thus allowing you to switch (or even combine!) frameworks at any time. Furthermore, SLF’s modular architecture allows you to plug-in custom logging strategies very easily.

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