Work With Me

November 28th, 2013


If you think that I might be a person you’d like to work with, we should talk.


What can I do for you?

I can help you develop good software. I’m very passionate about my work, and I hope it shows. I’m proficient in most things .NET, and I feel comfortable wearing the architect’s, consultant’s and developer’s hat.

I feel comfortable working at home…

I live and work in Winterthur, Switzerland, but I’m also used to working remotely – I see most of my employers primarily for reviews, consulting / requirement sessions and follow-ups. And I even own a phone!

…and on-site (abroad, too!)

If you’d rather have me on site and you happen to be in a nice country, coming over to work with you is definitely an option.

Want to learn more about me?

If you want to know more about me, just drop me a short line at philipp at [this domain].net (attention: tricky spelling) or use the contact form. I will gladly get in touch with you, or provide you with a detailed CV including a project summary and references.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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